“Telios” means “complete, perfect, mature, or whole.”

Here at Telios Teaches, we define successful results in terms of helping organizations be whole or complete, and it shows in our courses.

Receive training from our employment lawyers on how to best prepare your ministry or church to prevent or address sexual harassment and discrimination.

“Telios” means “complete, perfect, mature, or whole.”

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With an annual subscription one member can view and take all Telios Teaches courses. That member can then enroll however many other individuals desired. Each subsequent student receives their seat in a course at a discounted price of $49.99. By having the ability to customize how many students you want enrolled in what courses, you're always only paying for what your group needs.

A subscription is not necessary to purchase courses for individuals.

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  • About Your Instructor

    More than a lawyer. More than a teacher.

    Theresa Lynn Sidebotham is the founding attorney at Telios Law PLLC. Theresa understands ministry and missions from the inside as she both grew up on the mission field and later served with her husband and four sons in Indonesia. These experiences augment her legal counsel to numerous churches and ministries, where she helps improve organizational/HR policy, support religious liberties, conduct investigations, care for victims and members, and minimize litigation exposure.

    Since opening Telios Law, Theresa has continued to develop expertise with religious organizations. She authored numerous publications and has presented many times at national level conferences, including Child Safety & Protection Network, Christian Legal Society, Mental Health and Missions, Risk Management Network, and MissioNexus.

    For more information on Theresa, visit her full bio.

    Theresa Lynn Sidebotham

    Founder, Attorney, and Instructor

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