Protect Those in Your Care

With Training That Affirms Your Calling

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Misconduct can destroy what god called your organization to do

Protect those in your care with training that affirm their calling

Misconduct is preventable.

Telios Studios can help with image of God-focused training that empowers your organization to prevent and respond to misconduct allegations with common values your learners will understand.

  • Prevent Misconduct

    Build an organization that is on the watch against evil.

  • Protect Your Employees

    With training that lines up with what God has called them to do.

  • Affirm Your Calling

    People are healthier with training that preserves their core beliefs.

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Employee Level

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Manager Level

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Cultural Diversity Training

Every Nation, Tribe, and People

Investigation Training:

Navigating The Storm

Child Safety Training for Mandated Reporters

Beyond Mandated Reporting (2 Hour Training)

Child Safety Training for Volunteers

Creating the Capable Guardian (30 Minute Training)

Child Safety Training for Employees

Beyond Secure Check-In (1 Hour Training)

Telios Presents

Bespoke Training for Bespoke Conferences

Telios Teaches
Subscriptions Include

Employees are happier and healthier when they are protected with a values-based workplace culture that speaks to and preserves their core beliefs.

  • Employee Level Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Manager Level Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Every Nation, Tribe, and People : Cultural Diversity Training

  • Navigating the Storm: Investigation Training

  • Child Safety Training for Volunteers: Creating the Capable Guardian

  • Child Safety, Beyond Mandated Reporting

  • Child Safety Training for Leadership: Beyond Secure Check-In

  • Telios Presents: A Library of Live Speaking Events

  • "Stupid Things People Do (and What We Can Learn from Them)" & other Bonus Vlogs

  • On going access to all training developed while you are a subscriber.

  • Belief Centered

    Value-based teaching means you will never have to sacrifice what God has called you to do for legal compliance.

  • Easy to Complete

    Our contemporary online learning format makes completing training and tracking progress a breeze.

  • Expert Driven

    Our expert instructors specialize in human resources and misconduct investigation and prevention.

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