Telios Space For Businesses Includes

Employees are happier and healthier when they are protected with a values-based workplace culture that speaks to our humanity.

  • Employee Level Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Manager Level Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Telios Presents: A Library of Live Speaking Events

  • "Stupid Things People Do (and What We Can Learn from Them)" & other Bonus Vlogs

  • On going access to all past trainings, and all future training developed while you are a subscriber.

About our Pricing

Large orders mean bulk discounts. 
The more employees you have, the greater this discount is!

Tier 1: 51-100 - 43%
Tier 2: 101-200 - 50%
Tier 3: 201-300 - 55%
Tier 4: 301-500 - 60%
Tier 5: 501 plus - 65%

Access our entire library of materials.
Remember, buying an annual subscription to Telios Space gives you access to all of our training materials. And during the course of your subscription, you are not limited to how many learners you can train.

This means you can train new hires in whichever training you need without needing to worry about affecting your budget for that year.

What are my next steps?

I want to purchase

It's easy! Just click Buy Now!
Once you're at the checkout page, you'll want to review the General Contract for Services & Privacy Policy that posted online (don't worry, these links are on the checkout out form too!)

Next, if you're ready to purchase, just enter in your employee count and complete your purchase.

What to expect after purchase:
We'll automatically enroll you in the training (unless you've already been enrolled during one of our promotions).

We'll send you an email with a form to fill out and send back, so we can import your learners.

Or, if you want, you can use one of the "enrollment" links our customer support will send you to manually enroll whomever you would like at your organization.