What You're Getting

Access to our entire library of materials.

Subscribing to Telios Teaches grants you (or your organization) access to our entire library of training materials.

For ministries, churches, and nonprofits, the entire organization is licensed to use our training. We don't license the individuals. This means that you may train any member of your organization in whichever training you need without affecting your budget.

For larger organizations, VIP features are available. Contact us for a detailed quote.

About our Pricing

Starting from $550 / year

The larger your organization, the lower your costs. 
The Telios Teaches Annual Subscription gives your whole organization access to all of our trainings for all of your employees.

We have three tiers of pricing for organizations ranging from small churches to large international organizations.

What are my next steps?

I want to Purchase

It's easy! Just click Get Pricing or Contact Us
We'd love to chat, find out your needs, and make a custom proposal that is tailored to your organization.

However, if you're in a rush, or just want to see a breakdown of our features, go to our checkout page! from there, you can review the General Contract for Services & Privacy Policy. Everything you need to complete your purchase is available online - no socializing required!

What to expect after purchase:
We'll automatically enroll you in the training (unless you've already been enrolled during one of our promotions).

We'll contact you to get a list of your learners (first, last name, and email) to import into the system.

Alternatively, we can provide you an "enrollment link" that your learners can follow to manually enroll in our training.

But I'm not a company, I'm just a person...
That's okay! Individuals may purchase a seat from Church Law and Tax.