Protect the Vulnerable

Mandated Reporter Training

What is "Beyond Mandated Reporting?"

When children are victimized, the innocent can suffer for generations thereafter. But a trained and vigilant organization can protect its children. "Beyond Mandated Reporting" expands our "Beyond Secure Check-In" training to teach mandated reporters what they need to know to keep children safe.

Table of Contents

    1. Main Training - Diagnosing the Disease

    2. Chapter Quiz - Diagnosing the Disease

    3. For Mandated Reporters - Who or What Is a Mandated Reporter?

    4. Additional Reading - Who Is a Mandatory Reporter

    1. Main Training - Staffing and Screening

    2. Chapter Quiz - Staffing and Screening

    3. For Mandated Reporters - Risk Factors and Red Flags

    4. Additional Reading - Ways to Fight Child Abuse

    1. Main Training - Training and Facilities

    2. Chapter Quiz - Training and Facilities

    3. For Mandated Reporters - What Are Your Responsibilities?

    4. Additional Reading - Warning Signs of Child Abuse (in Children)

    1. Main Training - Reporting and Responses

    2. Chapter Quiz - Reporting and Responses

    3. For Mandated Reporters - What Is Reasonable Suspicion?

    4. Additional Reading - Developmental Delays as Red Flags

    1. Main Training - Member Care & Church Discipline

    2. Chapter Quiz - Member Care & Church Discipline

    3. For Mandated Reporters - Time Tables for Reporting and Follow Up

    4. Additional Reading - Risk Factors for Commercial Sexual Exploitation

    1. Story Quiz: Pastor Friendly and Everyone's Favorite Bible Church

About this course

  • 33 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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