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Sexual Harassment Prevention

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What makes up a course?

  • Video training modules in short, easy-to-watch chapters

  • Mini-Quizzes at the end of each chapter

  • Certificates of completion at the end of a successfully completed course

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Overview: Introduction
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    • Religious Organizations, Harassment, & Discrimination
    • What We Will Cover in This Training
    • A Theological Basis for Preventing Harassment & Discrimination
    • Mini Quiz
  • 02
    Overview: Secular Laws
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    • Title VII and Accompanying Laws
    • Other Laws Against Harassment & Discrimination
    • Mini Quiz
  • 03
    Overview: Definitions
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    • What is Harassment? What is Discrimination?
    • Types of Harassment & Discrimination
    • Mini Quiz
  • 04
    Overview: Reporting, Investigation, and Discipline
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  • 05
    Sexual Harassment Prevention: Introduction
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    • Do Churches Have to Worry About Sexual Harassment?
    • A Theological Basis for Confronting Sexual Harassment
    • Mini Quiz
  • 06
    Sexual Harassment Prevention: Definitions
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    • What is "Sexual Harassment?"
    • Components of Sexual Harassment
    • Mini Quiz
  • 07
    Sexual Harassment Prevention: Costs and Risks
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    • Sexual Harassment Prevention: Financial Costs of Sexual Harassment
    • Sexual Harassment Prevention: High Risk Environments
    • Mini Quiz
  • 08
    Sexual Harassment Prevention: Response and Discipline
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    • How Can Churches and Ministries Guard Against Sexual Harassment?
    • Mini Quiz
  • 09
    Sexual Harassment Prevention: Apply What You've Learned
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    • Story Quiz 1: Overly Affectionate Coworkers
    • Story Quiz 2: "The Pence Rule"
    • Story Quiz 3: Teacher at a Religious School
    • Story Quiz 4: Social Media Problems