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Sexual Harassment Prevention |
For Employees

Flagship Training : Ministries

Misconduct allegations can ruin your reputation, your ministry, and your life. And nobody, not even religious organizations, are truly safe from sexual harassment claims and misconduct allegations. Telios Teaches trains your organization to be watchful. Learn how to prevent misconduct and how to process allegations. Sin can destroy, but as Christians we can respond in a way that shows care and integrity, and protects from legal liability.
Employee Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention |
For Managers

Like our Employee training, our manager training helps prevent work place harassment, and prepares leaders for potential harassment cases, and dives deeply into leadership responsibilities and responses to prevent and investigate misconduct allegations.
Manager Training

Beyond Secure Check In: Child Safety

Beyond Secure Check-in teaches your organization prevent children from being potential victims, to identify potential offenders, and how to turn your entire organization into a capable guardian.
Child Safety

Telios Presents

Free Training Opportunities

Theresa Sidebotham, Telios Law's expert attorney, gives talks on employment law issues around the country. Be a fly on that wall and tune into 3 of her her speaking events.
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Stupid Things People Do
(And What We Can Learn from Them)

Our Vlogs

"Stupid Things People Do, and What We Can Learn from Them" explores serious "missteps" organizations have taken, and the resultant lawsuit, and we examine how to avoid similar incidents at your organization.
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Bonus Vlogs

A monthly vlog on employment issues for Telios Space Subscribers. Here we explore issues ranging from ADA issues to your organizations media policy.
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