Telios Space Pricing for Organizations

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About our Pricing

Everything is included:
Buy an annual subscription to Telios Space and get access to all of our training materials.

Discounts for Organizations:
Large orders mean bulk discounts. And the more employees you have, the greater this discount is!

Tier 1: 51-100 - 43%
Tier 2: 101-200 - 50%
Tier 3: 201-300 - 55%
Tier 4: 301-500 - 60%
Tier 5: 501 plus - 65%

Fulfilment Options:
Once you've completed your purchase we will contact you with a "fulfillment" link and a form to import your learners.

Individuals Purchases:
Individuals may purchase a seat for $29.99 per year. Simply follow the "individual purchase" link at the bottom of this page.

Subscriptions for Individuals

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